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custom sneakers for my wife...

I have already posted these on Nightowl, but I wanted to post them here as well. My wife recently bought a pair of white Converse one stars and asked me to add a little color to them....

take care, Tommy
Homicidal9 Saturday 6/05/2010 at 01:27 AM | 64598
Those are great Tommy!! So cute
kaizu Saturday 6/05/2010 at 02:36 AM | 64599
wow! seriously bro, thats a degn I think would sell like hot cakes! very cool man!
ny ghoul Saturday 6/05/2010 at 05:17 AM | 64601
Nice job Tommy. Im impressed. They make sharpie in all those colors?
Matthew Mayhem Sunday 6/06/2010 at 02:37 PM | 64618