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Shameless Screen Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Satan’s Baby Doll on 31st May 2010. This cult clasc from prolific porn director Mario Bianchi gets the full Shameless treatment on DVD, featuring an excluve Shameless ‘Rebuild’ veron of the film.

Satan’s Baby Doll features golden age porn diva Marina Hedman, trash movie queen Mariangela Giordano and, in her unique appearance, Jacqueline Dupré. The latter stars as a innocent teenage girl possessed by the wicked spirit of her dead mother; a slain woman who seeks revenge by driving her kin to the edge of sanity.Now, in the crypt deep beneath a gothic castle, evil is stirring, ready to whip the redents into an orgy of carnal dere and bloody murder...

Features include: Shameless ‘Rebuild’ veron of feature presentation with extra footage previously only available in XXX veron; unique collector’s poster of the original artwork for the film; Mariangela Giordano biography (adapted from an article by Alan Jones and Mark Ashworth); alternate scenes; theatrical trailers; Shameless trailers; optional English subtitles.
Ghostdude Thursday 6/10/2010 at 08:28 AM | 64642