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Custom Jason hands 2 part 7

href=" ... ton+glovesMy last ones turned out pretty good that I sold with my old part 7 costume and not I am doing another pair for a client who wants a part 7 costume. So just thought I would post some progress pics. He wants them close to my last ones but these should be better as I am going to add some more flesh. On my next pair I might cut down the fingers and add even more flesh but I actually like having more bones show. I have Justin's hands for my next personal part 7 and they are great and should look ck with the display. Here are some quick very early stages progress pics." class="photoborder" />

sirbrad Friday 7/09/2010 at 04:56 AM | 64980
looks good...
scaryzack Sunday 7/11/2010 at 02:36 AM | 64991
Got the latex about done. I love how they turned out. Can't wait to try another pair with even more flesh later. But I like more bone showing as it looks creepier.

sirbrad Friday 7/16/2010 at 02:34 AM | 65048
OK got them about done and they truned out super ck, al ot better than my first ones and I added more flesh and more latex mixed in. Perma wet is still drying, will take more pics outdoors later maybe and with costume. The flash makes them look slightly lighter and bright from the perma wet. I also painted the parts from TTB to match, mostly just the bones as they came white, so I had ot paint them

more decayed look to match my arm bones.

sirbrad Saturday 7/31/2010 at 04:31 AM | 65133
They look awesome. Very nice work!!
cropsy Sunday 8/01/2010 at 12:27 AM | 65149