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new score! f13 pt 7 blank (updated with new pics)

just got this in the mail this morning i need to buy a snap kit and paint it then ill be good to go

i got 3 more blanks coming in too for pts 3,4 and 5

952952.jpg" class="photoborder" />

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Johnny Bisco Saturday 8/28/2010 at 04:03 PM | 65753
Very cool Make sure to post pics when finished
kaizu Saturday 8/28/2010 at 04:29 PM | 65763
not bad at all,man.
pantera11431 Saturday 8/28/2010 at 07:27 PM | 65781
i finally got the snaps and straps done today after fighting with them for a while sheesh!

on to doing to some basecoating
Johnny Bisco Saturday 8/28/2010 at 07:47 PM | 65785
Great score and like kaizu said post pics when finished!

Klempo Saturday 8/28/2010 at 09:29 PM | 65789
i will, its going to be a while though

i just started my base coats and i plan on letting that dry overnight before i do any detailing

not to mention i need a good pick of the chevron to determine the color and how to draw it on nce its an odd shape in pt 7
Johnny Bisco Saturday 8/28/2010 at 09:35 PM | 65791
well i put the leather straps together (that SUCKED lol)

and i got the basecoat done, ill probably do some more painting tomorrow after its completely dry

heres the straps

962.jpg" class="photoborder" /> and the basecoat

963.jpg" class="photoborder" />
Johnny Bisco Saturday 8/28/2010 at 11:33 PM | 65809