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"Run Like Hell" Trailer is LIVE!!!

Okay, Its been some time nce I have ranted, I have this nasty habit of becoming something of a recluse when I work on a project. Not that I have been wanting to keep people out of the loop, far from it, I just seem to get lost in my own world of editing and filming. Its my occupational hazard. Well, The trailer is live now, actually two trailers, one is a teaser that was sent to a few people for props and finances .... *cough*

, with all that ade, I hope that all who read this post will take the time out (about 120 seconds actually) to check the trailer out.

It needs some work in the audio department, but I can promise any one interested, that we are working on that and a launch trailer will be released prior to the film, and that will have the polish .... well, what polish we want to give it. Were very much into Grind and Nasty, its just our taste. A Big thanks to everyone who kept me anchored in the real world with random emails, asking how filming was going. Were about done and as of right now you can check us out and keep up to date with the RLHTeam at


From all of us here, we hope you enjoy our contribution to indie horror, and thanks for watching
Harvey0005 Wednesday 9/01/2010 at 11:54 PM | 65901