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mm shoot day 2, daytime shoot with "model"


dxh8r4life Monday 9/06/2010 at 02:35 AM | 66046
Very cool! Looks a lot like the location from the original film! cute girl too!
drewdaspriest Monday 9/06/2010 at 02:07 PM | 66065
thanks, ya my g/f and i just bought a house not too long ago, and i fell in love with the shrubs, they worked out perfect for the shots... and that girl is a friend of mine who took the shots, never met her before, but yes, she is cute tho

dxh8r4life Monday 9/06/2010 at 09:34 PM | 66121
those came out very well

Johnny Bisco Monday 9/06/2010 at 09:36 PM | 66122
dxh8r4life Monday 9/06/2010 at 10:23 PM | 66126
Those are awesome man.
skutterk Tuesday 9/07/2010 at 01:02 AM | 66140