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DEEP RED Region Free BR 2 Disc Set


- 4 Panel reverble sleeve with original and newly commisoned art work

- Two-ded fold-out poster with new art work

- Excluve collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on Deep Red by Alan Jones, author of ‘Profondo Argento’


- Brand new transfer of the Director’s Cut in High Definition (1080p)

- Optional Dolby 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio/Stereo Italian Audio and Mono/Stereo English* Audio


- Introduction by composer Claudio monetti (1080p)

- Rosso Recollections – Dario’s Deep Genius (1080p)

- Lady in Red: Daria Nicolodi remembers Profondo Rosso (1080p)

- Muc to Murder For! Claudio monetti on Deep Red (1080p)

- Original US Trailer (1080p) (TBC)

- Original International Trailer (1080p) (TBC)


- Brand new transfer of the International Theatrical Cut in High Definition (1080p)


- A Tour of the Profondo Rosso (Deep Red) shop in Rome with long time Argento collaborator Luigi Cozzi (1080p)

*The English Audio track on the Director’s Cut has some portions of English audio misng. This was either never recorded or has been lost. The English audio has been painstakingly assembled from various audio sources and represents the most complete audio available in a Mono/Stereo audio mix.

The DVD Edition contains exactly the same verons of the film and extras but of course these are not in HD.

The BD is all-region and the DVD is region free.Deep Red will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Arrow Video late November/early Dec 2010.
Ghostdude Saturday 10/23/2010 at 01:31 PM | 67328
EXCELLENT! thanks for the news!
ny ghoul Sunday 10/24/2010 at 02:06 AM | 67345
i really need to pick this up!
Johnny Bisco Sunday 10/24/2010 at 11:49 AM | 67347
They need to add new voice overs on the English track of the Directors cut. What we hear on the English track is the leading actor's actual dubbed voice. Sadly they didn't make him do the voice overs on the deleted scenes so when you watch the DC cut, some scenes go Italian

Hope they fix it like they did with the restored veron of The Good The Bad & The Ugly.
kaizu Wednesday 10/27/2010 at 12:59 AM | 67418