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Scarefest 2010! The Convention that almost wasn't!! *Pics*

So finally I made it through my first convention, and what fun me and my wife had, it was a complete success! But it almost didn't happen...

After making it to the Lexington Convention Center, my wife and I walked in got tagged and was ready to roll. We beat the majority of the crowd by being there when it open. We walked around the booths and seen everything, then went back to the car to get my gear to be autographed by Kane Hodder. Met up with him got the auto's and the choke picture... in which he really choked the crap out of me... and then returned to the car to get my Jason VS costume. We walked back in with costume in hand and went to the nearest restroom, KI KI KI MA MA MA was in the air as I started to get everything ready and noticed I HAD FORGOTTEN MY PANTS I MADE! I could have literally cried or /wrist right there in the bathroom. I walked out with my head hung low and told my wife what happened, I felt so horrible and we went back to the car and put everything up. I decided to try and go back in and make the best of it. Then while in there I saw Jeff Wickedbeard and Mike Voorheesfanatic walking around in their killer costumes and I just wilted. I'm pretty sure they noticed me but I never walked up to them to say hi and felt like a total dickhead and was ready to just leave the convention, my day was officially ruined. I missed out on getting my pic in my costume with two great guys =(

So we went to the car to leave, and I called my buddy and told him what was going on, he said why don't you just go to a goodwill store and get a new pair? I was like YOU GENIUS! I LOVE YOU! He found me a Goodwill store and I Tomtom'd it in on my Tomtom and went there. There were no pants there at all and I could have died again. Then my wife pulled out a pair of #10 tall brown pants in the ladies and said will these work? YES!!!!!! I kissed her, we made our purchase and left. I didn't care they were ladies pants I had to make this work! We ran into the Dollar store and bought a cheap box cutter then rushed back to the convention center. I cut up the bottom of the pants and ripped them on the blacktop. Then I ran them through the dirt and scuffed them up. I was ready... I was ready to seize this opportunity! My day was not over yet... KI KI KI MA MA MA was back in the air again...

We returned back to the upstairs bathroom and I giggled like a school girl changing into my costume. I was ready, I was set, let’s DO THIS!

Upon walking into the convention a bunch of Jason fans wanted pics in which I gladly obliged. I was on a mison... Where are MIKE & JEFF!!! I searched and could not find them, until I came around the corner of Richard Brookers table and I saw Mike dressed as Freddy with his wife coming at me. I waved and they came over and we chatted a bit. My wife was lugging around a big bag of my stuff as you can see in one of those pics, and Mike being the super kind guy he was offered to let us drop the bag off in his room. So I ask him where is Jeff at? He tells me here he comes down the lane, as I turn around I spot Jeff wearing is wicked part 7 costume. He notices me... I notice him... He is standing about 12 feet from me and then assumes the menacing Jason stance and starts staring me down. I kid you not within the 12 feet of the crowd it was like Moses parting the Red Sea, the crowd split right down the middle... I stepped out in front; I eyed Jeff down and put my machete over my shoulder doing my Vs Pose. It was an epic stare down worthy of the Clint Eastwood tune, the one with where the tumble weed rolls by and you hear the whistle and Wahhh waaaaahh waaaaaahhhhhh... I even believe there was electricity flowing between us in the Epic stare down, I wasn't sure I was taken back a little from the AWESOMENESS!!! Then Jeff walked over to me maniacally like we were ready to hack and slash it out and he threw up his left hand to me and threw mine up to him and we shook hands like champs. Like seriously when it happened I think there was dust swirling around us and little sparks of electricity and awesomeness was in the air lol. Maybe not but I like to imagine it that way hehe.

Any who I had THE BEST TIME ever with my wife down there. I want to also thank Mike Vorheesfanatic and his wife for being so nice to me and my wife. I really appreciate it bro maybe next year we can hang out some more, and Wickedbeard thank you for the epic stare down that was the greatest man, can't wait to see you guys next year =)

So now everyone enjoy the awesome pics =) and yes that is Danny Trejo... Machete himself putting the machete to Jason Voorhees, I'm pretty sure there was a tear in the space time continuum from the awesomeness after that picture was taken.

haloboyvash Monday 11/08/2010 at 10:42 AM | 67743
Awesome pics and glad to hear it worked out and you enjoyed yourselves.
cropsy Monday 11/08/2010 at 01:25 PM | 67744
Thank you, yes it was almost a no good very bad day =)
haloboyvash Monday 11/08/2010 at 02:09 PM | 67745
Great pix, so glad it all worked out in the end.
skutterk Tuesday 11/09/2010 at 09:06 PM | 67768
Me too! With some great friends, a little ingenuity & MacGuyverying it all worked out.
haloboyvash Wednesday 11/10/2010 at 12:43 PM | 67772
pretty cool, nice see it all turned out to be a great day, seems to be even more worthwhile when you overcome a problem which threatens to ruin a day. would love to meet kne hodder, but being in uk not looking very likely sadly with funds or lack of them i should say. nice pics too thanks for sharing
chrisebrooks06 Wednesday 11/24/2010 at 12:05 PM | 68012
yea I have to say that overcoming that little problem made the whole experience go even better, and especially it being my first convention. I surely will never forget it, ans hopefully someday you will get to meet Kane sometime, it was cool to finally meet him even tho he wasn't exactly the friendliest to me condering I just gave him $40 to gn my stuff and get choked by him. Dunno he seemed really irritated but ohh well still got the choke pic and auto's. He's only human, still awesome as heck to meet him.
haloboyvash Wednesday 11/24/2010 at 03:09 PM | 68014