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Do you know prison break?

If the show would have just wrapped itself up around episodes twelve to fourteen, prison break dvdit all would have been a terrific ending to a fairly decent series. However, it just went on...and on...and on, and it just became more ridiculous and insulting with every episode. your baby can read dvd By the time the show shifted location to Miami everything had gone to hell. Sure, Prison Break has always acquired a certain amount of suspenon of disbelief, the tribe dvd

BUT...oh, hey, Michael and Linc's mother isn't dead and, hey, not only is she not dead, she's a completely one-note, evil villain pulling all the strings...and, oh sure, why not, Michael and Lincoln aren't really even brothers. charmed dvd

Introducing plot elements like these needs WORK to have them overcome their obvious soap-opera-ish roots, but the work and thought just aren't placed into them. true blood dvd So, Mike and Linc's mom is alive. What are the repurcusons of this? None, really, she's just instantly another villain. No subtleties are explored, nothing new about the characters is learned, it's just a cheap gimmick.
lancy Monday 11/29/2010 at 06:29 AM | 68067