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I LOVE U: your baby can read

I started showing these DVDs to my daughter when she was 7 months. She was reading from flashcards at 1, your baby can read dvdsounding out words at 18 months and reading books at 2. My 8 month old is watching them now and she really enjoys them. prison break dvd

She smiles and waves her arms. My older child is now 3. One thing that amazes me is that she has better reading skills than 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders I have heard reading. I'm not sure if learning earlier improves reading ability or if there is something about this method. the tribe dvd

When children learn phonics at school they go through drills to learn the sounds of each letter. Sounding out letters is slow and definitely not a fun way to learn to read. It could be enough to kill a child's love of reading. charmed dvd A child who watches these DVDs figures out letter sounds on their own. As Titzer's webte says, if a child knows bat, cat, house and hippo they can figure out the word hat.

She never has to sound out the individual letters. true blood dvdI think this is why she reads much better than older kids who have learned ung the traditional phonics method. She can figure out unfamilar words much more quickly.
lancy Monday 11/29/2010 at 06:31 AM | 68068