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Richard Brookers Foam Padding under Jason costume.


I'm working on a Part 3 Jason costume. Would anyone here be able come up with a crude sketch of how they might have done the padding underneath his shirt and how it would stay on?

I can see from the movie that foam is wrapped around his upper arm to make a bigger bicep. His shoulders were made bigger/more round and his back was also made bigger ung foam.

What thickness do you guys think the foam was? How would they create and keep together a round shoulder? Also how would the foam be worn and kept together without falling off/moving around all over the place?

Any thoughts, pics, or inghts would be greatly appreciated. I made the same post on f13community but thought I'd post here too because of the props, masks, and costumes knowledge this community has. Thanks again.
Boyd Thursday 12/23/2010 at 12:51 PM | 68591