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Cannibal Holocaust

This is another gem that I watched recently.

This is a film I've heard about on and off for years, but never in detail.

The title was always intriguing to me, and to be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect.

I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I read up on the film on IMDB after watching it, and found the information to be very interesting.

I don't want to spoil anything for anybody who hasn't seen it, but I will say this:

This film was released in 1980 and is still able to be disturbing and make you squirm in your seat a little.

I have a TON of respect for films that are able to pull that off.

If you've never seen it, just go into it blind.
jeremi_02 Monday 1/17/2011 at 12:08 AM | 69993
Ive never heard of this movie. Will have to check it out. Thanx for sharing Jeremi.
skutterk Monday 1/17/2011 at 12:16 AM | 69995
I've never seen it myself but with that title I've always wanted
Ryn Monday 1/17/2011 at 12:21 AM | 69996
This movie was pretty good. Kinda creepy and original. And fun to watch except the animal mutilations which are real. I think those are alittle too much. It could have been done with clever editing but they just spliced in stuff like that which doesn't add much. Worth watching though if you can get it on amazon for a few bucks.
weaponx Monday 1/17/2011 at 01:24 AM | 70003

TheShape1188 Monday 1/17/2011 at 03:44 AM | 70023

both films, crazzy....
RAGINGDEMON500 Friday 3/18/2011 at 07:41 PM | 73577