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Where can I get old and new horror film posters?

Hello fellow Bidites! I hope I spelled that right.

Anyway i was wondering if anyone out there knows of some good places to go to get movie posters old and new, cheap, rare and anywhere in between. Any thing that will point me in the right direction to help me get a collection going and avoid any pitfalls along the way would be greatly appreciated.
Piman334 Wednesday 1/26/2011 at 05:17 AM | 70742
HorrorBid's auction te is a good place along with the usual of E-Bay as much as I hate to say. Collectors are always a good way to go as many end up deciding they don't want them and so on anymore. Try video rental stores also. It will obviously depend on what you want to spend and how much you want to research stuff as far as real or reprint and all of that also. Anything you are looking for? I may be letting some go in the next week or so.
cropsy Wednesday 1/26/2011 at 08:05 PM | 70791
Thanks for the reply Cropsy.

I don't have any specific posters in mind as of yet. I just remember liking them a lot when I was a kid. So I guess I would start by looking for posters of some of my favorite horror films from the 1970's and 1980's. Take it slow and on a case by case bas I guess. I would be happy with cheap reprints at first then work my way up to the more expenve original and rare types. I'll have to check out the auction te hear at HorrorBid. Thanks again.

Piman334 Thursday 1/27/2011 at 03:17 AM | 70822
I just ran across a te called that is looking cool I may try them out.

Piman334 Thursday 1/27/2011 at 05:20 AM | 70835