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getting halloween collection out of storage. PM Q's please

Hello, I'm renovating soon and must clear out all storage items, I thought I would let any interested fans view the collection to go. PM me with any Q's please. Thank you.

1 small Halloween Movie Maniacs figure, un-opened and new in box. Includes everything, the figure, pumpkin, knife, stand/background.

1 Plush Spencer ts Halloween Myers Doll/Toy with knife , coveralls, in original box and in great condition. Doll plays the Halloween theme when you push button on stomach.

1 large 18" Halloween Movie Maniacs figure by movie maniacs. Includes everything, has posable limbs, knife, in orig box in great condition. Figure plays scream and movie quote from Halloween and the Halloween theme either by sense of movement or by presng a button.

3 different white masks that will fit teens to adults (a bit too large for small children). Two of these are original replicas and handmade and detailed long ago, the other was purchased back in the 90's. They are in fantastic condition, worn only for photos, stuffed with newspaper only to retain shape, and kept in storage away from heat and light. The third mask is more vintage being the Don Post 1985 original "The Mask".

I kept this mask as best posble nce I bought in late 80's. They made masks much thinner back then and with different materials so there is some wear with this one due to time and vintage, but as you can see in the photos it's still in great condition given it's vintage.Halloween 1 & 2 Novels: "Halloween" by Richard Curtis , and "Halloween II" by Jack Martin. Halloween: book is in good condition (cover is good with only some wear, all pages intact, item is usuable) Halloween 2 book is in "acceptable" condition (cover shows more wear, all pages intact, item is usuable)

1 glossy photo of Michael Myers from the orig "Halloween". I purchased this photo in California back in the 90's, it's of Nick Castle behind the hedge. Photo is glossy, orig, pretty rare, in excellent condition, and was always kept in it's frame. * Has WB logo in lower left with small print below that says: "Warner Bros. International Televion Distribution. 1990 Warner Bros. All rights reserved". No other writing/gnatures are on this photo.

JerryBR Sunday 2/27/2011 at 07:50 PM | 72615
do you still have the books? I would like those
Stilesp1985 Monday 3/07/2011 at 07:09 AM | 73133