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Best Horror Remake and why?

Although i'm not the biggest remake fan I would have to say "Night of the Living Dead" was it for me very few remakes can hold a candle to its prodecessor this being one of them great cast, set, f/x and of coarse Tom Savini in the directors chair. It stuck to the original storyline with subtle changes and yet it still was taking to the next level IMO probably one of the best remakes of all time that can rival the original. As a matter a fact that will be my next thread.
Ones Customs Monday 2/28/2011 at 03:38 AM | 72656
Hmm im not to fond of all these remakes the friday the 13th wasent all , nightmare on elmsteet was ok but in my mind my all time favorite remake has got to be my bloody valentine. In my mind i think its 100 times better than the original. I rememeber i went opening night and after i remember being blown away. I belive thats the movie that started the 3D decade we have now.

3D was great, Lots of blood, guts and ripped out hearts

I give it 9 out of 10.

So thats my favorite remake im also a fan of all the remake zombie films there all great
Zombiezack50 Monday 2/28/2011 at 11:28 AM | 72665
My favorite horror remake would have to be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am not saying I liked it better then the original, I just think as a stand alone movie it is best out of all the bac horror icon remakes. Plus we got to stare at Jesca Biel which was a lot of fun too.
Dark Passenger Monday 2/28/2011 at 03:15 PM | 72668
My favorite remake is probably Dawn of the Dead. I'm not saying that it in any way holds a candle to the original, but I like where they took the idea of zombies in a mall. I guess what I like is that it doesn't really step on the toes of the original except for the name. It honestly could have been called something else and not been a remake, and I guess that's what I want out of remakes: movies that aren't really remakes.

I'm actually kind of tempted now to go cross "Dawn of the Dead" off the DVD and write in "Zombie Mall Walkers" or something like that. But first I think I'll change my "Jason Takes Manhattan" DVD to read "Jason's On a F*&@ing Boat".
teamcerberus Monday 2/28/2011 at 04:40 PM | 72672
For the past, like in the 80's I'll go with John Capenter's The Thing.It was a remake of the 50's film The Thing from Another World(the latter of which he pays homage to in Halloween)The remake was received poorly due to ET being out at the same time but it found a sort of cult status in the home video realm.I really like it because of the suspense especially the blood test scene.Just the whole paranoia and sheer effects of the thing popping out of the dog and guys chest takes me back.Loved it.In more recent times I'd say The Hills Have Eyes from 06'.The film is masterfully done with reasonable characters and things just take such a turn for the worse its hard to imagine the guy getting his baby back.(Especially after the "retired cop" was killed)Just a really good job with the effects on the mutants from radiation all based on actual case studies too which creeps me out.This film just took a huge bound over the original in the way that it went right for your throat so to speak.The scene where they lock the guy in the freezer made me think it was over when I saw it in theaters.
themorguethemerrier Monday 2/28/2011 at 05:11 PM | 72675
Mine would have to be the Dawn of the Dead remake. I didn't like it on first watch cause of the change with running zombies. But after further viewings I think it really is a great remake and a great zombie film as well. The zombie makeup was awesome, plus you throw in the lil' cameos from some original cast members and you have something special. It was a fresh take with a twist on the orginal plus Zack Snyders directing is so slick and stylish. It was definitely enjoyable to me. Honorable mention to the remake of the swedish horror film Let the Right One In called Let Me In.

An almost scene for scene remake but still oh so good!
DarthMagnus Monday 2/28/2011 at 06:12 PM | 72682
@Morguethemerrier- I loved the Hills Have Eyes remake too. Great movie even though I honestly never saw the original... Also like The Last House on the Left remake too.
Dark Passenger Tuesday 3/01/2011 at 12:13 AM | 72705
Ima have to go with texas chainsaw massacre and last house on the left. I thought those movies wer great and they knew what they wer doing.
Mr.Skemer Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 03:01 PM | 72810
Rob Zombie's Halloween hands down.

I did not go into it expecting to see a modern veron of 78 scene by scene, which many critics of it did, which I personally feel is wrong. I loved Zombie's reimagining, there was not one thing I could say bad about it. H2? I liked it, but I disagree with some things. I still love it as part of the series though. Only problem with that was Michael talking at the end. I don't care if it's one word, he doesn't talk!

AbominableDrPhibes78 Thursday 8/25/2011 at 12:46 AM | 81509
Funny Games - because its the same film down to the minor details and it loses nothing. Unnecessary? Yeah. But every bit as good as the first.
AgnesItsMeBilly Thursday 8/25/2011 at 01:19 AM | 81515
^^ Ugh, I fucking hated that movie. It pissed me off so bad that I actually demanded a refund.
teamcerberus Sunday 8/28/2011 at 02:46 PM | 81699
^ It is known to have that effect on people.
AgnesItsMeBilly Sunday 8/28/2011 at 06:32 PM | 81703
I'm gonna have to go with The Last House On the Left for best remake. I felt it had more potential than the original and was far more entertaining.
kylescustoms Sunday 11/06/2011 at 05:02 AM | 86541