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Top 3 Horror Villians

Not counting Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, Ghostface or Jigsaw What other Horror Villians do you guys like. Mine Would Have to be these.

RANDOM ORDER 1. The Collector

2. Candyman

3. Jerry ( Vampire from Fright Night)

So whats Yours?

Mr.Skemer Tuesday 3/01/2011 at 11:22 PM | 72760
I don't think this will surprise anyone:

1) Victor Crowley 2) Leslie Vernon 3) Madman Marz

In case you were wondering, Marz wins over Cropsy based on theme song alone.
teamcerberus Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 12:07 AM | 72763
1. Michael Myers 2. The Creeper 3. Victor Crowley

Honorable mentions-

Randall Flag (The Stand-Book) BabyFace (The Hills Run Red) Pennywise (IT-Book)
Dark Passenger Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 12:45 AM | 72766
Yea victor crowly, would be in my top 10 cant leave him behind.
Mr.Skemer Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 02:33 AM | 72773
Hmmmmm.....I'll try to be a little obscure, but I really want to put Pinhead down (laughs) okay I think I got this

Leslie Vernon (he's my cult favorite funny and Sheer awesomeness) Dr. Tongue....(The look of this thing blows me away to this day,plus he really stands out as a zombie) .....AND.....Deadites.....(An army of all things undead, moving skeletons,possessed people/hands,evil ash

Really a toughie....I was tempted on picking the Chud,Tallman,Bubba Ho-Tep,Stripe Gremlin,Dracula,Pluto,Dr. Herbert West,etc.....LOVE Fright Night Chris Sarandon is the shit bro...also Nice choice on Children of the Corn's Malachi...I was going to put Crowley up but I decided against it just because he's growing into a pretty popular dude from my estimation but he rocks
themorguethemerrier Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 01:11 PM | 72797
Hmm this is ealy hard to choose i have so many Im gonna say in no order

1. Jigsaw 2. Cropsy or mad man marz 3. Freak from the funhouse
Zombiezack50 Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 01:28 PM | 72799
Great choices guys . Yea dr tounge does really stand out like a great zombie. Totally agree with you my friend
Mr.Skemer Wednesday 3/02/2011 at 02:56 PM | 72809
1.Michael Myers 2.Jason Voorhees 3.Bub the Zombie
LaughingHorror Thursday 3/03/2011 at 01:38 AM | 72855
I truly like Angela Baker from the sleepaway camp movies, loved the original 3. Victor Crowley is a must pick. Chucky is another must, love me some childs play.
MiLeSx13x Thursday 3/03/2011 at 08:05 PM | 72905
1. Leland Gaunt (Needful Things) 2. Annie Wilkes (Misery) 3. Gage (Pet Sematary)

Stephen King fan?



pzuzu Friday 3/04/2011 at 05:59 AM | 72938
Myers is my favorite but nce you are saying to exclude the obvious ones here is my 3 below.

1. Pinhead

2. ChromeSkull

(Fairly new but really liked this movie and a sequel is on the way. He is the only newer horror character I have seen in years that has potential to kick off a new franchise and he could become a new horror icon.)

3. Candyman
joebizz34 Friday 3/04/2011 at 03:46 PM | 72961
Ok, the only way I can do this is by clasfying by Decade. it goes. Here my favorites

70's Michael Myers and Leatherface

80's Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Fred Krueger

90's Ghost Face, The Jeeper Creeper

2000's Jigsaw, Trick R Treat Sam, The Girl from the Ring.

TexasKev Saturday 3/19/2011 at 08:45 PM | 73614