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Anybody else like this show? I'm hooked!! Real or Fake? I don't care, it's entertaining, and 1,000,000,000,000,000 X better then Ghost Hunters. That show is so booooooooring!! Anybody agree/disagree??? Love to hear your opinions.
Anonymous Sunday 3/06/2011 at 03:06 AM | 73050
I deff agee my friend.Ghost Adventures is way way better than Ghost Hunters. I can't stand on ghost hungers how they make you wait till the end of the show before they show you what they find, & half the time it isn't even shit.

Where on ghost adventures they show you what the find right on the spot. Plus.....Zak, Nick & Arron are way more entertaining than two plummers.

skutterk Sunday 3/06/2011 at 05:50 PM | 73096
I totally agree! For all of Ghost Adventures flaws, it's still better than Hunters. Ghost hunters has this HUGE production team wandering around with them not to mention all of the stupid over dramatic "mood" muc the layer over everything! Every time someone says "what was that?", cue the plucky creepy violins and deep bass cellos! Someone needs to give Steve and Tango a reality check too. They've gotten soooo arrogant and their debunking has gotten out of hand. "Well, there's a vent over here, so if this turned on it could create a current that would make the ceiling fan turn which would cause the ceiling to vibrate which would cause the bar to rattle, making the glasses "tink" which could confuse you and make you think you saw a lady walk across the room." Not to mention the retarded formula of the show. At least Ghost Adventures gives you a detailed history of the place. Hunters just gives a 10 walkie-talkie chat and then you have to hear the infuriating "So what goes on here?"......"Where to next?" routine. Drives me nuts. I don't even turn it on until at least 15 minutes in. AND they wrap up soooo early! It'll be 1:30 and they'll be like, "It's getting late. Better wrap it up."! I do investigations all the time and unless the place is just wicked active, you're best times are 1:30 to 4 (give or take). Of course I've gotten stuff in the middle of the day soooooo.....

Anyway, rant over. I'm still a sucker and will watch all of the shows. The absolute worst are the ones on the Biography Channel like Celebrity Ghost stories and the like. They set the entire field 20 years back. "The floor creaked...the floor creaked when my Dad walked around so I knew it was him saying hello...." Shut up dumbass....

My last argument. I couldn't believe how the fake the live 2008 show seemed. It really turned me off the show and the show dramatically changed right after that. Here's a video I found. Take it for what it's worth, but it does prove a lot of points. Okay, now I"m done....
vbrockladyv Sunday 3/06/2011 at 07:56 PM | 73101
...I think it was that exact live event the turned me off to GH as well. I don't even watch the last 15 min anymore, its just really lly. Usually their big reveal is a tiny thud/creek that nobody can hear with the exception of them, and the client. Their EVPs are lame as well. But they really don't capture to many of them these days. And the kicker to the show is how they continually debunk EVERYTHING, but when their slightly unscrewed flashlight flickers on and off, their amazed. And don't get me started on GHI, THAT SHOW BLOWS!!! I hate the whole cast, not one person has a ngle ounce of personality, with the exception of Chris Williams. And the only reason she's there is b/c she is the "eye-candy" which keeps the show from being cancelled.
Anonymous Sunday 3/06/2011 at 09:19 PM | 73102