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Hi there I am new to the board and just want to say the te is great and I have seen some really great stuff as well as have gotten some really great inght to different topics. I am in a financial tuation bec my company downzed and forced to sell a lot of my stuff.I was just able to sell abother piece so if anyone wants to do some trading I would love to. I am looking for Busts,heads,limited mask.Please read everything so you know the details. Feel free to email me as well, my ebay id is Houseofwax10 just so you feel comfortable. Black Xmas, Billys costume used in the majority of the film with wardrobe tag states scenes 105-209,ch #1

Black Xmas, Billys spx costume when he was impailed on the xmas christmas tree where there is a cut down the back of the shirt Black Xmas Agnes costume .

Fenton the killers complete costume from Prom Night, the one and only w wardrobe tag includes his shoes,hat the whole nine. Prom Night Donna keppel the mothers bloody costume she was wearing when she was killed,again comes with wardrobe tag and continuity photo.

Prom Night

Lisa stunt blue skirt she was wearing when she was running away from the killer and got snagged, it is torn as it is in the film.

When a Stranger calls the Strangers complete costume as well w wardrobe tags. One an only.

One missed call 2 different main costumes of Beth(Shannyn Sossamon).

One Missed Call Jacks(Ed Burns Cell phone from one missed call that is screen matched.

One missed Call Evidence bag with cell phone in it from One missed call.

Untraceable Diane lanes final costume from Untraceable at the end when when she killed Joe cross and was laying over his dead body, this is one of only 2 costumes used at the end of the film and I have both. Untraceable Diane Lanes black Burberry rain coat you see her wearing a lot and seen on the dvd cover.

Untraceable light blue t shirt and jeans main costume.

One Missed Call Ed Burns Hero knife from one missed call that he stuck through the wood door, its a real butcher knife. Stay Alive Abigails(Samaire Armstrong) main complete costume w wardrobe tag as well.

Stepfather I have the mirrror shard that she picks up off the floor before she stabs David and it is screen matched even have the screen shots printed. There are specific cracks in the shard matched to a T. Also I have the broken bloody mirror shard that she had in her hand after she stabbed David with. The bloody one is made of a softer plastic more like rubber but looks very real.

The Stepfather David Harris the costume he was wearing in the grocery store when he met Sela ward for the first time and when they were out in the parking lot talking.

The Stepfather Sela wards costume she wore towards the end,green torn tshirt with yoga pants in the Step Father.

David Harris Brief Case that he used throughout the film.

Most have wardrobe tags and also continuity photos on the wardrobe tags. I forgot to tell you that on the Prom night killers costume it also has a continuity photo on wardrobe tag as well.

ALL costumes come complete with coas as well. Mostly everything here I have only seen one of for the most part at most a few. If you have any questions please just email pm me and I will get back to you asap. Just ask. I hate the fact that I am selling all this stuff as I have had to sell a lot of other stuff because family is first, so my loss and your gain. I took a lot of time always trying to find wardrobe that was one of a kind or close so all the wardrobe you see is very cool and rare. Please just email me any offers on what you would like and I am not going to be unreasonable at all. I look at it is another collector can enjoy it so don’t want to over charge, like I said prices to sell. If needed I can get pics for you, whatever you need. I need to sell the stuff to take care of bills which of course stinks. I am new to the te and look forward to blogging with you guys soon.
houseofwax10 Monday 3/07/2011 at 02:28 AM | 73116