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One's customs Myers and Laurie Strode

First I want to thank one's customs for inviting me here...GREAT! Horror Board we all needed.

Here is my One's Custom Myers and My Laurie Strode Jamie lee Old 78 together at last.
Moe Productions Tuesday 3/08/2011 at 04:10 AM | 73178
Nice to see them both handleing

Mr.Skemer Tuesday 3/08/2011 at 06:09 AM | 73182
Looks crazy bro! great job! if you ever make another one let me know

Zombiezack50 Tuesday 3/08/2011 at 11:25 AM | 73188
nice dude. Im a BIG jamie lee curtis fan....
LaughingHorror Wednesday 3/09/2011 at 12:34 AM | 73220
Nice photos Moesef.
Dark Passenger Thursday 3/10/2011 at 12:53 AM | 73248
Sweet setup man.....nice unmasked Michael as the profile pic too r!!!Be sure to keep me posted on your other projects :)
themorguethemerrier Thursday 3/10/2011 at 03:36 AM | 73254