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New Twilight Zone merch

Hey guys, I came across this pic on another board and thought you might be interested. I remember you posted back when the other twilight zone figures were released. You may or may not have already seen these, but I figured it wouldn't hurt in case you hadn't and wanted to pass it along to other fans of the Zone.


Cant find info an all of them, but there are some pretty cool figures on there (including a life ze talking talky tina doll) Some of the figures look like they are still in early stages, but still cool.

Have a good one.

Diabeticace Thursday 3/10/2011 at 03:30 AM | 73252
Very Cool pics. I'm a HUGE TZ fan. I already have the first 3 series of the action figures, and series 4 & 5 are on pre-order as well as the Talky Tina Doll. Thanks for posting pics, and welcome to!!
Anonymous Thursday 3/10/2011 at 04:54 AM | 73255