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I’m Really into Supernatural

It took a while to get into Supernatural DVD, but something kept me watching. I think it was Dean. Jensen Ackles is cute as a dog, and Dean, prickly outde, but with a soft core, soft, emotional, it's my favorite character. It took me longer to warm up to Lost DVD, but I'm much hotter now.

Bones DVD began and ended in the same event: the most important woman in their life burning the roof, and Dean, Sam held out of the house, and his old life. nce the beginning of Daddy Dean Winchester gave the responbility of his younger brother. Sam is an adult now, though, Dean and the tendency to think he knows what is best for the Sons of Anarchy DVD that Dean is not sure, is the dramatic heart of their relationship. I had a milar tenon with my ster, who was just like our mother was always telling me what to do. While I like most about Dean, I tend to identify with Sam.

Monster has been traced impact of How I Met Your Mother DVD: a "woman in white" who killed his children and commits suicide because her husband was unfaithful. (A little over-react, do not you think?) The scary "Woman in White" could not go home, as Dean and Sam
emmagrace Saturday 3/19/2011 at 06:27 AM | 73596