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Scream Trilogy memorabilia for sale **Pic Heavy**

Hey guys, new to the forum, people on alot of other forums recommended this as an excellent te to get info out about my Scream collection for sale. I'm moving to australia (from Canada) in a couple months, and have already started selling off Scream memorabilia. Screen used robes and Fantastic Faces masks, Wes Craven Ltd Edition Trilogy poster autographed, etc :)

Scream 1, 2, and 3 Soundtracks.

Specialties Shaped Scream CD, Scream 1 & 2 Score by Marco Beltrami,

Scream 3 Score by Marco Beltrami. Closeup of the shaped CD.

Scream 1, 2, and 3 soundtracks, on cassette baby!

Scream Sweepstakes entry form ballots.

Scream Bleeding Brains candle.

A woodcarving I found in a store on vacation.

Horror Headliners XL Ghost Face figurines, times 3. Number 3713, 9152,

and 10292 of 15000.

Scream 2 Official merchandise, 2 shirts, ze large.

More Official merchandise, toque and ballcap.

Scream 3 Promotional T-Shirt ze large, in sealed package.

Screaming plush Ghost Face doll

Screaming Ghost Face figurine.

Two inflatable Ghost Face balloons.

Two nipple rings. Yes, Ghost Face nipple rings. Unused!

Scream 2 promotional Multimedia CD.

A T-shirt I'm sure Funworld has sued someone for.

Japanese Scream Video CD.

Scream Director's Cut, on VHS. Special Edition with Commentary VHS, and 10 min phonecard.

Scream advance Demo Tape, 3 copies of Scream, Scream 2, Scream 2 Widescreen, and Scream 3.

Scream Trilogy VHS Box-Set.

Scream Trilogy DVD Box-Set.

Scream 1 & 3 DVDs.

Scream Trilogy Blu-Ray Box-Set.

Ghost Face candles.

Three more Ghost Face candles.

A Scream 2 promotional beachball.

Scream 3 holographic cards, times 2.

Scream 3 soundtrack promotional standee with holographic card.

Scream 3 soundtrack standee.

Scream 3 soundtrack promo sticker.

A Scream script.

Some unlicensed lights with Ghost Face's image on them.

A Scream Coffin Cooler, in sealed package.

Two Scream 2 Stab replica horror knives, glow in the dark (1 sold)

Seven Ghost Face models, 1 unpainted.

All my Ghost Face masks, from cheapest to best. Plus a life-ze Ghost Face bust.

The Funworld Ghost Face costume, cheap piece of shit that it is.

A better costume I had a seamstress make me.

A screen-used costume from Scream 2 with Certificate of Authenticity.

Scream official duffel bag, comfortably fits 1 pair of black boots, 1 knife, cell phone, and costume! Travel for killing in style!

Scream hanging decorations, times 2 (1 sold).

Scream 2 promotional card.

Scream 3 trade ad.

Autographed copy of Screams & Nightmares, the filmography of Wes Craven.

Neve Campbell autographed photo w/COA.


And again.

Wes Craven autographed photo w/COA.

Two Wes Craven photos, autographed.

Three autographed Jamie Kennedy pics.

Drew Barrymore autographed photo w/COA.

Kevin Williamson autographed playbill from The Grand Hotel.

Courteney Cox autographed pic.

David Arquette's autograph.

Skeet Ulrich autographed picture w/COA.

Rose McGowan autographed pic w/COA.


Very rare Japanese Scream book.

Many many magazines with articles on Scream 1-3.

Multitudes of Scream cast and crew snippets.

Scream 2 British Quad.

Three Scream 3 Theatrical posters.

Scream 3 British Quad, times two.

Scream Hungarian poster.

Scream British Quad, ze HUGE.

Scream 3 teaser, release date TBA.

Scream 3 teaser, with release date.

Scream Italian poster.

STAB poster.

Stab 2 poster.

Stab 3 poster.

Scream 2 Italian poster, huge.

Scream 2 Teaser poster.

Scream 2 Theatrical poster.

Scream Teaser poster.

Scream 3 theatrical poster, times three.
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