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Horror Franchise Video Games/Which ones?Thoughts?Style?

So I was reading up on horrorbid the otherday about the Weinstein company "expanding" their media.Among this movement were Halloween,Hellraiser,Scream.My initial thoughts were "Whoa,this is pretty damn amazing....AND LONG OVERDUE."I'm sure a lot of fans might be mixed or weirded out...but gaming is really the fastest and most prosperous pasture surpasng a lot of movies and TV these days nce you still have to wait/rent/buy.The games could be crazy good depending on the platform and gameplay.I'm curious as to what kinds of unique stories they'll create to resurrect these characters and posble downloadable extras...such as different Michael Myers outfits.There is just such a huge amount of potential here with cut scenes/effects/voices/ could provide a bit of a kick or catalyst for people behind desks to give us more after they see "potentially" what awesome things we get>I for one am truly excited.Please share any thoughts,opinions,ideas,criticisms,questions...I'd like to hear ayour reactions!!!!P.S.I'd really like to see a Nightmare On Elm Street game.....Freddy's nightmares ARE MADE for gaming.
themorguethemerrier Monday 3/28/2011 at 09:03 PM | 73899
I would love to have a nigjtmare on elm game. When r these coming out?
Mr.Skemer Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 04:47 AM | 73908
There not saying/for sure yet....but I feel and chances are they'll pull through.I mean look at how awesome Ghostbusters was as a game(granted different style)but just awesome.....or even Batman:Arkham Asylum....those games took care of their franchises really well.Hell you could do a game on Halloween practically any veron.It could take place the night he escapes and they could create a "secondary character" who understands the risk of myers nd tries to detain him-himself.Hellraiser great atmosphere.....Even an Ash game....that might be my dream game....But yeah man the article says "future" so nothing set in stone but I'm almost sure they'll do the.Just a question of when and how...just like our favorite slashers lolz
themorguethemerrier Tuesday 3/29/2011 at 01:42 PM | 73910