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Waiting for this for a while now

Ok when the Grindhouse series Death Proof and Planet Terror came out they had fake traliers as you all know. Machete and some others. Well Rodriguez held a contest for fake trailers and one particular trailer won. This trailer was one of my favs and was not in the movie series, but back then if you searched the GrindHouse trailers on youtube you could find this particular trailer. Now it has been made into a movie. Ive shared this Original trailer many times with friends before. Im super excited about this movie. The first link is the original trailer. The second is the official movie trailer (look for the H3 Witch Mask..Thought it was cool to see it as well).

Original ... re=related

Movie ... re=related
Matthew Mayhem Sunday 4/03/2011 at 09:42 PM | 74104