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The Film Reel and HorrorBid's Mega SCREAM 4 Contest

With Scream 4 just a few weeks away it's finally time to unveil the next contest at The Film Reel. This time around we are getting some help from our good friends at HorrorBid.

This is the biggest contest The Film Reel has had and there are tons of prizes up for grabs. Now nce this is a Scream contest you'll have to answer the obvious question.

Whats your favorite scary movie?

It's as easy as that. Head over to The Film Reel - and just leave your name and your favorite scary movie in the comments section and you're entered for a chance to win. What's a contest without some great prizes right? Here's what we have so far.


1 GRAND PRIZE winner will get a custom shirt degned by friend of The Film Reel Eric Francisco with some added extras by Will (that's me!) It's a large so you can either shrink it in the wash, stretch it out or hope it fits! Check it out." class="photoborder" />

There's actually only 3 of those shirts made. There would have been only one but both my kids wanted one. At least you can say that it's pretty limited! The winner will also get a clasc Ghostface figure. I know, it's half plastic and half cloth but it's free right!

Of course the GRAND PRIZE winner also gets their choice of the Scream Trilogy on either DVD or Blu-ray.


You didn't think that was all did you! The SECOND PRIZE winner will get a Zombie Ghostface figure, which you can also see above, and their choice of the Scream Trilogy on either DVD or Blu-ray.

Now, my good friends over at wanted to throw some prizes in there and I've been told that they have a mystery box full of goodies on the way to their offices right now. Nobody knows what's in the box yet so we're all waiting to see what it is. and The Film Reel are going to see what's inde that box and start splitting up prizes. This means that the GRAND PRIZE winner and the SECOND PRIZE winner may be getting even more goodies. Depending on how much is in that mystery box, we may also start handing out even more prizes to people so get your entry in and make sure you get a chance at all the great stuff we have to offer.

Of course there's always rules involved so lets get them out of the way.

1. One entry per household. Plain and mple. No stacking the deck here. If you want to get your Grandma to enter from her house than that's fine. Just make sure that Grandma doesn't throw your package out if she wins and we ship it to her.

2. You have to tell us your favorite scary movie. If you don't do that how are we supposed to count your entry.

3. While the contest is open to anyone, keep in mind that these are R1 flicks so I can't promise that they're going to work everywhere.

4. The Film Reel and is not responble for any additional charges that may occur. We'll ship it to you but if someone somewhere wants to hold it at the border to charge you an arm and a leg for something weird than it'll be up to the winners to pay those charges. If it makes everyone feel better I haven't ever had anyone say their prize got held anywhere.

5. The Film Reel and have the right to refuse any entry if we feel it's necessary. I can't imagine this happening but you never know.

Now I think that covers all the bases. The contest ends on April 15th at 11:59 pm so get your entry in and then check back after you've gone out to see Scream 4 to see if you've won!
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