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Official Scream 4 Prop and Costume Auction!!

So you say that you're a ridiculously HUGE SCREAM fan! Oh yeah? Prove it! Premiere Props is auctioning off over 500 props and costumes from SCREAM 4

Holy crap is right! Premiere Props, the leading memorabilia marketing company in the US, will be holding a huge auction at their headquarters Saturday, April 16th, in El Segundo, CA. The auction will be hosted by Leo Quinines from "THE FILM FREAK MOVIE TALK SHOW" on KFWB NewsTalk 980AM and can be seen LIVE online beginning at 11:00 am (auction preview 9:00-11:00 am). If you have incredible drive and dedication, you can always be there in person! Here is the address:

Premiere Props

128 erra Street,

El Segundo, CA 90245

You can call 310 322-PROP for more info.

Here is the link to the auction catalog:

And here is a list of a few items:

· Ghostface Killer’s Hero Mask and Camera · dney Prescott’s Neve Campbell Bloody Costume · Gale Weathers-Riley’s Courteney Cox Screen Worn Costume · Sheriff Dewey’s David Arquette Hero Uniform · Bloody Cleaver Knife · Killer’s Knife
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