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HorrorBid Exclusive: EVIL BONG 3D: THE WRATH OF BONG Preview

April is here and it’s time to unwind from the stresses of the first of the year. Think about it, the weather sucks, you have to worry about filling out your taxes in time, and not a lot of horror movies have really been in theaters. April is when the weather starts to get warmer, good movies are starting to come out (SCREAM 4) and National Pot Day is just around the corner!

What other way to spend 4-20 than watching the latest entry in everyone’s favorite pot horror series? Charles Band’s EVIL BONG 3-D: The WRATH OF BONG, premiered this weekend in Chicago, IL in the Portage Theater. HorrorBid got an excluve look at the first 22 min. of the film!

The film starts off with a meteor flying through space, headed towards this island Earth. We enter in on a man who just got done burying his wife who we assume he also killed. He seems like he should be the groundskeeper at the local cemetery. He sees the meteor crash, and of course decides to go over and investigate. He uncovers a space bong that looks pretty wicked and decides to go into town to see what he can get for it. The opening credits reminded me a lot of THE LOST BOYS opening credits, but instead it played a song called Wicked Weed, how appropriate.

We see Bachman & Brett from the previous two installments of the stoner franchise, as they are running a pot shop of sorts. Our crazy older gentleman arrives with the space bong, and demands he gets paid what its worth. The film really picks up after they buy it for $20 and Bachman goes off to “test the new merchandise.” He awakens the space bong and smokes more of it, then he gets sucked into the world of the evil space bong. In the last scene of our excluve preview, he is being pampered by these two sexy zombie looking chicks, and boy of boy I couldn’t wait to see what happens next!

The acting is decent, they were, by no means, terrible actors, and they played their roles very naturally. It looks to me like we have another Full Moon Clasc on our hands ladies & gentlemen.

The next

EVIL BONG 3D cities confirmed are: Tempe, AZ - April 16 - Madcap Theaters Dallas, TX - April 20 - Inwood Theater Atlanta, GA - April 22 - Plaza Theater Madison, WI - April 23 - Orpheum Theater Portland, OR - April 30 - Hollywood Theater Metuchen, NJ - May 14 - Forum Arts Center

If you can make it out make sure you do, as the show and merchandise are one of a kind and promise to be a time you’ll never forget, sober or high!

Written by HorrorBid Columnist: Patrick M. Farmer

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