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Hidden Horror Gem of the Week (4-12-2011)

There are so many B horror movies constantly coming out that most people don't have time to ft threw them all. Lucky for you I exist, I will be the self appointed sorter of the trash and treasure. Each week I will bring you a good horror movie that may have otherwise gone unseen. This week Its all about the 2008 movie AMUSEMENT.

AMUSEMENT consts of three mini stories that tie in together at the end of the movie. Not so much like CREEPSHOW, more along the lines of PULP FICTION. The stories focus on three girls, who are friends, and have one thing in common. What, you might ask? well if I told you it would ruin the movie. I can,however, tell you this. AMUSEMENT has one of the BEST clown scenes of all time. It takes a lot for me to feel the slightest bit nervous for a character, but when Mr.Clown shows up in the second short I was on the end of my seat. The creepiness factor was a 10 through the whole segment.

If your wondering what your going to watch this week and you haven't seen this, please watch it. you won't regret this one.

You can find this on netfilx instant watch right now. Below is the trailer to get you started.
Stilesp1985 Tuesday 4/12/2011 at 08:05 PM | 74403
This movie bored me,Had it on Blu Ray for awhile the uk veron comes with no extras at all. Just didn't push my horror buttons.
munkynutz84 Wednesday 4/13/2011 at 07:40 AM | 74418
I caught this when it was released and remember I was surprised by how creepy the clown segment was. I'll need to revit this film soon. good review, bro.
Dr Phibes Wednesday 4/13/2011 at 07:54 AM | 74419