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HorrorBid Death of the Day 4/13

nce everything seems to be going down the tubes lately all over the world, I thought I'd add a related death from one of my favorite under the radar horror movies: STREET TRASH. This 1987 clasc stars no one you've ever heard of and was written by a zombie extra from the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, Roy Frumkes, who incidentally played the first zombie to be hit in the face with a pie by the bikers.

A quick storyline in case you're interested, and then on to the sweet melty goodness;

"When a liquor store owner finds a case of "Viper" in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very mesly. Two homeless lads find themselves up against the effects of the toxic brew, as well as going head to head with "Bronson" a Vietnam vet with sociopathic tendencies, and the owner of the junkyard they live in." Written by zombiefiend_2000

It is a little graphic, aren't they all, so you might have to actually log in to Youtube. Now you REALLY wanna watch it huh?!
vbrockladyv Wednesday 4/13/2011 at 05:24 PM | 74434