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"Camp Crystal Lake" Wine - What Jason Drinks!

While all of us FRIDAY THE 13TH fans lie in waiting for ANY news on another FRIDAY film (good or bad), I think I just may have found a way to pass the time! How about a case of Crystal Lake Wines?!?

Yup, Adrienne King, FRIDAY'S original "survivor girl", has a fun little de project going, Crystal Lake Wines! You have three choices:




Oh, and did I mention that you can get them gned?!?! For an autograph collector like me, that's incentive enough! The te that they have is fairly extenve and fun. It says that they are still developing it, so I'm assuming that it will only get better! Anyway, I'm not going to regurgitate all of the information because it's all covered on their webte which I encourage that you vit here:

vbrockladyv Wednesday 4/13/2011 at 05:51 PM | 74435
Yeah I heard about this on RIR. I'm thinking of picking up a bottle myself. Love the label.
Ryn Friday 4/15/2011 at 04:37 PM | 74539
I am straight edge and I even ordered a few bottles!

My father and step mother collect wine bottles so I got one personalized to them for X Mas. They aren't into horror, but they appreciate my fanaticism so they should love it as a unique piece for their collection.

I also snagged one for the Friday the 13th shelf in my collection room.

FYI - there is a two bottle order minimum, but you get a free poster as an incentive.
Preston Eleven Wednesday 11/23/2011 at 02:42 PM | 87382
Mad Hilarious
Alert Wednesday 11/23/2011 at 05:55 PM | 87392
Hahaha this is really cool. If I drank wine this would be my brand. And that is one cool label.
weaponx Tuesday 12/06/2011 at 04:30 AM | 87949
This is pretty damn awesome, but Jason strikes me as the kind of man who drinks straight Everclear....maybe with Bicardi 151 as chaser.
Nick Death Tuesday 12/06/2011 at 04:51 AM | 87950