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HorrorBid Death of the Day 4/14

I thought I'd stick with the head exploon theme for at least another day as the HorroBid Death of the Day! although not technically "horror", BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA has tons of really awesome make up special effects and come on....Kurt Russell! KURT RUSSELL!! Not to mention Kim Cattrall before she became a horny old woman on SEX IN THE CITY and don't forget that it IS written by horror LORD John Carpenter!!!

Put all of that together and I believe this clip more than deserves to be here! At the very least, if you have kids, you can tell them that this will happen to them if they hold their breath while throwing a fit!

Now on with the splatter!

vbrockladyv Thursday 4/14/2011 at 05:38 PM | 74498