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Zombie Culture

Zombies, like it or not they are a big part of our culture and like modern culture it has evolved and changed with the times. When the original Dawn of the Dead came out it was condered one of the scariest movies of its time. We here now look back at it as a clasc, but not as scary. The original zombies of the black and white feature were slow, stupid, and bacally a big moving target for anybody wanting to kill something. If a zombie invaon were to happen in real life, these are the zombies I would want to be rambling around. For those of us adept in zombie defense we would probably have a tougher time fighting off a cold than these guys. As time progressed the zombies changed and became more and more terrifying... Rather than the term zombie being used it was now the "Infected" or the "ck". They became faster, rather than moving at a slow limp walk they now ran with the speed and agility of a track star! Instead of the low mumbled groan, they now shriek at the top of their undead lungs and alert others of a potential meal. According to modern cinema its now even eaer to become a "zombie", what took a bite in the past now only needs any type of zombie fluid to mix with yours and you may find yourself one of the undead hoard as seen in 28 Days Later. Zombies are getting scarier and scarier with every pasng decade, but one thing has always remained the same... Head shot = dead zombie. As time progresses I am sure we will all see a change in our beloved zombie brethren at least once again, and I cant wait to see what they have in store for us next.
zombieseverywhere Saturday 4/16/2011 at 11:16 AM | 74574