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I have no patients whats so ever when it comes to movies. So when I heard that it would be a month till I could see this movie in theaters I said "that won't do, gotta see it now" and that I did.

The movie starts off really fast. No 15-20 minute of build up scenes, it about 5 minutes to see your first zombie. The zombies are different, like a cross between 28 Days Later,Dawn of the Dead, and a pinch of the crawlers from the Decent. To me that is a new combo, and it worked well. The story was pretty original, given all the zombie movies that have taken place over the many decades. I can't comment to much on the dialogue,because it was all subtitles(it did the job). The run time of the movie is only an hour, but you don't feel cheated. You get a really interesting story that feels complete. I would recommend this one as a good watch and maybe a buy. So when it hits the theaters check it out, if your able to.

Stilesp1985 Sunday 4/17/2011 at 01:31 AM | 74593