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Studio's lack of DVD releases

If your like me there's probably some horror films that you really want to see on dvd,but for some odd reason the studio hasn't released them yet as is the case with me.I have been wanting to see Ghoulies III Ghoulies goes to college,976-Evil 2 the Ashton Factor,Scanners II the new order,Scanners III the takeover (both these films were given UK Region 2 releases,

but not Region 1.The others I mentioned before them also have been released in the UK.)What's wrong with that picture. Were into Blu-Rays now and if these studio's want's it to be a complete sucsess than there going to have to change the way they release films so that everybody get's what they want.I love the clasc 80's horror film's and there sequel's and Im sure there are alot of you out there that do to.The Haunting of Julia is another one I would like to see get a release.My dvd collection const of 460 films and even though were in this bad economy Im planning on adding to it even more with

a mix of some 80's films through the 90's and films of today as I have been doing nce I began this collection.Hopefully the studio's will come through and get all the clasc horror sequel's out along with other individual film's for the new gene- ration to see.There isn't nothing sadder that really good movie's that have been forgottenThose films people worked reall- y hard on and they should be given more respect than that.If you fans share my frustration don't hetate to right to thes- e company,s and help me let them know how we feel.Theres some sequels that were released and went out of print so wh- en I finally found them on ebay they costed quite a bit,but Im not going to complain about that because my attitude is is that atleast they got a release.There's more film's obviously that hasn't popped into my head right now that hasn't been re leased on dvd and is endanger of being forgotten art.We the horror community need to work together and let these studi- 's know what we want so that that doesn't happen.
horrorlord Monday 4/18/2011 at 04:01 AM | 74643
Do like I do. I have a cheaper model DVD player.

I googled "Region free codes for DVD players." I was lucky enough to have mine listed (Cyber Home). I followed the instruction which were so easy a 5 year old could have done it, and PRESTO, my DVD player is now Region FREE!!!! Now I can enjoy all those movies that are made only in other countries. Hope this helps ya.
Anonymous Monday 4/18/2011 at 04:21 AM | 74644