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Remember the guys who were made famous for making The Hamiltons? Well it seems as if the "Butcher Brothers" are back, and their new film is entitled The Violent Kind. This movie is your typical "let's party in the woods" type of movie. Everyone's drinking and having fun, but then one of the girls wanders off into the wilderness, when she returns she's covered in blood and convulng as if she were possessed. As the biker's try to help their friend, they get interrupted by a violent gang that shows up with a look straight from the 50's...who's just "looking for a good time, the violent kind."

However there's more to the story. Apparently something is growing inde the girl, and the "Rockabilly" gang will stop at nothing until they get what they came for. Sounds interesting enough. The movie is going to be released on May 10, 2011 direct to video. It is "R" for strong language, nudity, and strong violence. thanks go out to youtube, and UHM
Anonymous Wednesday 4/20/2011 at 12:57 AM | 74735