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Where is the Underworld merchandise

There are certain thing's in this world that really amaze me.One is that some of the major franchise's don't seem to any popular merchandise.The Underworld franchise is one of them.With all the action figure's that come's out you would think one of the toy company's would come out with a set of action figure's for us who like to collect horror movie stuff,but as of now it hasn't happened and the series has three film's.I really think it's important for that franchise to have there own set of figure's.These are blockbuster film's after all and we know other major blockbuster film's such as Batman,Transfor-mers and others get's there share of figure's.If you feel the same way I do then maybe you could conder writing in to the toy company's and ask them after all they won't know we want them if we don't tell them.I think NECA would be a great c-hoice.They are doing an excellent job with the Nightmare on Elm street and Friday the 13th figures they come out with.A-nother piece of merchandise for the franchise would be for the video game company's to come out with a Underworld vide-o game.An Underworld video game would be awesome and it's something the fans of the franchise desperatly want.Once again franchise's like Batman and Transformers get's there share of games too so why are us fans being left waiting.The-re was one game released,but it was in the UK for there ps2.I was frustrated that there was no NorthAmerican veron.T-his is another thing that is worth writing in about.Im planning on writing to the toy company's and a few video game com-pany's and you should to.Hopefully enough people will take an interest and we can see this great franchise get the figure'-s and video game's it deserve's.Bede's figure's and video game's I wouldn't mind having a travel mug with selene's phot-o on it.Maybe even a t-shirt,but those two thing's are less important than the figure's and video game's.All we can do as fan's is hope our message get's through and we get what we want for this great franchise.Please post your comment's.Im

interested in your opinion.
horrorlord Wednesday 4/20/2011 at 01:52 PM | 74760
i got 2 different underworld 2 posters if ya want em
DWN Productions Wednesday 4/20/2011 at 01:57 PM | 74761