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New Jason Deluxe Overhead Latex Mask (Part 7- New Blood)

This October you can scare all your friends when you dress up as Jason Vorhess with this new mask that's made by Rubies Costume Company. The mask is a collector quality latex mask, not like one of them cheap ones that you would buy at Walmart, and the hockey mask, which is 100% removable, is made with real PVC. The look of this deluxe

mask is taken straight from Part 7 ("The New Blood"), and the detail to it is pretty damn good. The strands of hair added are a nice touch to an already nice mask. According to Rubies, It's going to be due out by the third quarter of this year, so it will be ready just in time form Halloween. Currently it can be pre ordered at Big Bad Toy Store, for a price of $48.99. Not a bad price if you asked me.

Anonymous Wednesday 4/20/2011 at 09:01 PM | 74792