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The movie Shadow

Ok lets get this out quick watched with my girl on netflix. At first i said should be something too kill and hour or so and turn into whoever made this movie is ck. This movie is a metaphor for the horrors of war but the core subject matter really plays some wicked games on your mind. Its about a young American army guy that is taking a break from the war in Iraq. He takes a trip into the wilderness of northern Europe where things get nasty quick. He meets a girl get chased by hunters before the real terror begins.

At the climax of the movie you begin too realize the message and say i wish i never turned this on that's what i said. I would really give this movie a chance for anyone who like's fear movies that deal with real life. Won't be a clasc but worth the time.
phlixfan13th Thursday 4/21/2011 at 03:49 PM | 74819