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BEHIND THE WALLS 3D French Teaser Trailer!

Didn't we JUST run a story about foreign horror movies? Anyway, here's another! We have the first teaser/trailer for French period piece ghost story written and directed by Julien Lacombe and Pascal d entitled BEHIND THE WALLS 3D. Personally, it might sound creepier without the "3D" tagged on there. Isn't that just implied by now? Moving on....

What's the synops you say?

"Centre of France, 1922. Suzanne, a young novelist lacking inspiration decides to isolate herself in the countryde to write her new book. As Suzanne discovers a sealed-up room in the basement of her house, she starts writing oddly ealy. Vions and nightmares soon strike her while the villagers grow worried as several little girls mysteriously disappear..."

Thanks IMDB. Now, enjoy the clip!

vbrockladyv Friday 4/22/2011 at 03:42 PM | 74871