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Scream 4/Thoughts?

How the hell are all of you bidites out there? As lively as a cadaver being mutilated I hope. (laughs)So I went and seen Scream 4 this passed week. I really felt good about it. It was funny, crowd reaction was awesome, clever, the only thing that kind of bugged me was the dialogue but it was a nice guilty pleasure. Especially the "going rogue" Palin bit. I'm curious what a lot of you thought about it. Bedes Scream 4 I'm really curious as to how many horror films you go see or won't see and why. I know if you have kids, don't have time, need a tter, or lack the money that can play a huge part. but I encourage all of us here to try and get out and see just what it is that the world of Hollywood is spewing out in our direction. The movie I felt was really hip and funny. a truly great intro of a teaser and you'd think that'd be a easy part of a film. They nailed it. I haven't seen Indious yet, but after hearing great things and riding this high I think I might. it's good to have an understanding of our community and what works/doesn't that and just the sheer fact of where our horror is headed in the coming years. Because we as fans truly have the power to make something. I heard fan's reaction was the reason behind Jackie Earle Haley taking on the Nightmare role. Fan reaction stopped a Evil Dead remake (well sort of,we'll talk about that later)The bottom line is we should study the patterns of what they're doing and voice whatever our reaction is on here. We've seen so many boogeymen come and go I'm really trying to keep horror alive. The previews of Scream 4 were mostly rated R horror action films like Priest and the Paranormal Investigator with zombie...I'm curious if you guyts are interested in these or if you yearn for new ideas or a continuance in new re-makes posbly even sequels.Comments,questions,and concerns please you guys owe it to yourselves because you are all mply awesome.Take care-Brian
themorguethemerrier Friday 4/22/2011 at 11:36 PM | 74884