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Sink Your Teeth into the New STAKE LAND Trailer

I'm not the biggest vampire fan out there, I guess I can thank the Twilight saga for that. Needless to say, I seldom do cartwheels anymore when someone mentions that a new vampire flick is coming out.

That is UNTIL NOW!!! STAKE LAND looks freaking awesome! And the modern day "scream queen", Danielle Harris, is in it as well. Need I say more?

The film also stars Nick Damici, Connor Paolo, Kelly McGillis, Sean Nelson & Michael Cerveris. It's written and directed by Jim Mickle. And in case any of you Bidites forgot, Jim was the guy responble for the movie Mulberry Street, back in '06. The movie centers around a guy named Martin, who redes in a crumbled world, which has been completely inhabited by vampires. Martin is your just your normal, average "Joe" faced to live amongst the undead. A death dealing, vogue "vampire hunter" known only as "Mister" encounters Martin, and aides him on his journey to the a safer place known as the "New Eden" which lies northward to Canada. Along the way they recruit other travelers in their quest for safety.

Stake Land opened in select theaters today, it will have its VOD premiere on APRIL 27th,before opening worldwide later this spring.

Source IMDb
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