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Cult Classic "POPCORN" is Finally Slated for a Return to DVD

The fine folks over at KICKSTARTER, which in case you don't know is a fund raing platform which specializes in creative projects, has decided to "re-release" the cult clasc, POPCORN, which has been long Out of Print for years. KICKSTARTER has teamed up with several of the key actors in the making of a documentary which will appear on the DVD.

According to Kristie Jett, who is the catalyst for this project;

We have participation from all but 2 members of the principal cast, but are working towards full participation. We will be interviewing and reuniting all cast members available and recording new special features with them for die-hard fans of this film.

Features set to be included on the DVD are;

All New Special Features including a Retrospective Documentary Cast Commentary A Stills Gallery featuring Behind the Scenes Photos and a Feature entitled “Your Favorite Films Don’t Have To Make Sense”

A Collector’s Booklet along with a Reverble Collectible Poster featuring all new artwork from Jeff Zornow, Christopher Ott and Steve Jencks.

The dvd is set to be released March 23, 2012.

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