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Stay in Tune with this Teaser Trailer from NIGHT SONG

Jeremy Benson (Live Animals) has a new movie coming out, although details are sketchy at the moment a quick synops as well as a "Teaser" Trailer have been released from YIELD ENTERTAINMENT.

A young women is found in the most holiest of places, a church. Her body is covered in what appears to be self-inflicted wounds in the shape of a cross. Quickly she's rushed to the psychiatric ward at the local hospital. Remaining lent, she seemingly stares out of the window while firmly gripping her homemade crucifix. Enter the detective who begins to question the girl, whom he believes might have some information pertaining to a bunch of recent disappearances, including one that involves his partner. With the help of a priest, the two begin to psychoanalyze her, and they soon discover that something evil is living amongst them in the darkness. Dread Central
Anonymous Monday 4/25/2011 at 07:23 PM | 74973