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Get Your Fix with the New PSYCHOTICA Trailer

"One last party. One bad trip." Thats' the official tagline for the Canadian horror movie PSYCHOTICA (a.k.a. "Nostrum"). Psychotica was filmed in Canada and it was written and directed by Jonathon Wright. The film stars; Christian Bako, Tara Joshi, Jordan Hayes, and Megan Hutchings.

Plot Synops: The movie centers around a small group of friends who are addicted to heroine. Together they lock themselves in an abandoned farmhouse to try and rid their bodies of their nasty habit. In a final attempt to "go out with a bang", the group decides to shoots up for one last time. Unaware that the heroine their ung is a experimental "suicide cocktail" made for one purpose; to rid the streets of the junkies. Then soon realize that they have gotten more then they bargained for when one of them snaps and becomes extremely violent. With no where to run they must fight for survival, or succumb to the sudden attack which was brought on by themselves.

Psychotica is set to be released on May 14, 2011 in CANADA. No official US release has been made.

Source:Dread Central
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