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THE FUNHOUSE Gets Special Edition Blu-ray Release

British distributors Arrow Films have revealed that they will release on Blu-ray Tobe Hooper's The Funhouse (1981), starring Elizabeth Berridge (Amadeus, Smooth Talk), Miles Chapin (Bless the Beasts & Children), and Shawn Carson (Something Wicked This Way Comes). The distributors have also revealed that this will be a Region-Free release. Street date is July 18th. Read on for the full specs...

Technical specs and special features:

* Brand new transfer of the film in glorious High Definition (1080p)* 4 panel reverble sleeve options with original and newly commisoned artwork* Double-ded fold-out artwork poster* Collector's booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by critic and author Kim Newman.* Audio commentary with The Funhouse S/FX wizard Craig Reardon and Jeffrey Reddick (creator of The Final Destination series)* Audio commentary with producer Derek Power and genre scholar Howard S. Berger* Audio commentary with Justin Kerswell, author of 'Teenage Wasteland' and host of the slasher cinema webte Hysteria Lives, and author Calum Waddell* Stuck in the Funhouse with director Tobe Hooper* Carnage at the Carnival: Tobe Hooper Remembers 'The Funhouse'* Miles of Mayhem: Acting in Tobe's Funhouse with star Miles Chapin* A Trilogy of Terror: The Make-up Madness of Craig Reardon, the S/FX wizard recollects his collaborations with Tobe Hooper; 'Eaten Alive', 'Poltergeist' and 'The Funhouse'* Master Class of Horror: Mick Garris, the director of Sleepwalkers and The Shining reflects on the crimson-covered career of his longtime colleague Tobe Hooper* Live Q&A with Tobe Hooper from San Francisco* Never before seen behind the scenes photographs from the collection of Craig Reardon

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