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SNEAK PEEK VIDEO Swamp Thing, Stay Puft Figures SDCC

With this years San Diego Comic Com just around the corner, Andy Allo from Attack Of The Show, met up with Scott "The Toy Guru", Neitlich to discuss what Mattel will be offering up this year. Two things that stood out in this video where the first ever "exoskeletal" articulated SWAMP THING, which comes packaged inde a real Swamp Thing mask. How Cool!! The next figure, which is masve is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure. Stay Puft comes complete with a diorama of the city. Both figures will be available for sale first at SDCC and then online after the show on Mattels webte;

Swamp Thing will be priced at $30.00, and Stay Puft will have

higher price of

$70.00. tuned tomorrow for more pictures and details.
Anonymous Friday 4/29/2011 at 02:45 AM | 75189