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New One-Sheet Poster and Teaser Trailer for DEAD INSIDE

If anybody doesn't remember who Pearry Teo is, he's the guy that's responble for bringing us the disturbing flick, Necromentia. Well, my friends, Pearry's back, and his latest offering is a movie which is currently in production called Dead Inde.

Plot Synops: Moving to a new location, Sarah, who you could say is very different then most girls her age, hopes to make a new start with her family. One night she decides to host a sleepover party with her newly made friends. While sleeping that night, Sarah has disturbing vions of her friends dying at the hands of one another, and she starts to realize that her new friends may in fact be "just like the others." Are these vions really a hint as to whats about to come, if so can they be prevented? Its up to Sarah to choose, and I don't think her friends are going to like what she picks. Source: Dread Central
Anonymous Friday 4/29/2011 at 08:26 PM | 75218