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It's easy...just slice the throat of your BFF - KILL THEORY it's not always THAT easy, but just tell that to the slash em up Killer in Kill Theory (Part of AfterDark Horrorfest 4)

I'm not usually a fan of the generic slasher (With the absolute exception of Sorority Row, that movie was awesome beyond measure, upon request I'd love to review the hell out of that)

The plot you ask?

The movie opens with a series of newspaper articles. Talking of an unnamed man who was rock climbing with his two best friends when something went awry.

He was forced to make an agonizing decion, have the rope break killing them all. Or drop his two besties to their untimely death to save his own life.

*spoiler alert* He chooses the latter.

He is apparently convicted of killing the two, but it seems the only thing that is truly bothering him is the question the movie revolves around.

Could you murder someone in cold blood, to save your own life?

Enter a group of *coughspoiledcough* college students that high tail it up to one of the groups vacation homes for a relaxing graduation getaway.

After a night of partying and hardcore drinking they all pass out and wake in the night to find one friend already murdered, and a video waiting on the plasma.The message. Only one person gets to survive the night, if come dawn more than one person is alive, everyone will be killed.

Of course the group first goes into denial, they try to stick together, murdering for no reason is pure insanity.

Yet as the story evolves you come to see just how animalistic human beings can be when backed into a corner. As the group breaks into smaller cliques, with varying beliefs, and ideas, the unity is quickly broken as everyone begins to think who among them is expendable.Throw in that the house and land surrounding it has been completely booby-trapped against any kind of escape, as the viewer you begin to wonder just how full of shit you are when you think you are the self sacrificing type.

The plot was full and rich with darkness and secrets.

You come to find out through the exhausted and terrified students why they have no trouble with the thought of the offing some of their peers. They are human beings after all, and more than anything human beings excel at doing shitty things.

What I think you will find most surpring is who pulls through, and who takes a stand against the insanity.

The characters, who seem very generic and one dimenonal at the beginning, all develop into people you really hate to see impaled on an axe.

Without spoiling it, I have to say that come the end of the movie I was very pleased how everything was explained, from who survives, to how some maniac knew to booby-trap a house that would just happen to have a group of college kids vacationing there.

This movie came full circle, and I really enjoyed it. And of course the morbid chick in me began to wonder, deep down ARE we all killers?

It's an interesting question...but awkward to bring up at cocktail parties.

BloodAndRibbons Sunday 5/01/2011 at 01:16 PM | 75322