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Fan Funded INVASION of the NOT QUITE DEAD Trailer & Stills

Movies have always found a way to kind of reinvent themselves. Someone comes up with an idea, and just like that we have about a dozen others trying to rfollow in their footsteps. Which leads me to this movie this particular movie. Invaon of the Not Quite Dead is an independent flick made by a small company known as IndyWood Films, and what make this so different then all the other horror movies out there? Check this out; this move is 100% funded by the fans!. For the past four years director Ad Lane has been accepting donations via Facebook and Twitter, and now the movie is damn near completion.

The synops: “In 1978 a meteorite containing a deadly virus crashes and lands into the Swiss Mountains. Everyone is killed within a 20 mile radius. Local officials manage to keep their little secret under lock and key. Its now 30 years later and the virus is released onto an island just off the coast of England. Together a group of survivors must band together in order to survive the "Invaon of the Not Quite Dead."

Starring in Invaon are Zach Galligan, Frank Jakeman, Holly Matthews, Terry Stone, Kim Sonderholm, Ken Russell, and Leslie mpson. Look for this direct to DVD title to be released in 2012.

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