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New Pamela Voorhees and Burials in Cement - WALLED IN

That concept is the only horrifying thing about the horror cinema clasc *sarcasm*

Walled In (circa 2009)

Mischa Barton (I use the term "stars" loosely) as Sam, a recent engineering school grad. At her graduation soiree, she is given two ts by her father. One envelope with a full paid trip for her and her boyfriend to tour Europe. The other envelope, her first asgnment.

Oh did I mention... Large scale building demolitions are the family buness.

Naturally she chooses to travel to the remote apartment building in the Marshlands of (we never find out where) immediately.

She takes up redence in an "abandoned" fully furnished and decorated apartment.

Right down to childrens drawings on the wall. (How is that not just flat out disturbing?)

The building is to be demolished as soon as posble.She arrives at her location (having done 0 research about the building) curious as to it's history, she befriends a teenage boy, Jimmy (one of 4 redents sticking it out in the building until the last posble moment)

With way too much excitement Jimmy fills Sam in on the horrifying details.

Fifteen years earlier the architect abducted inhabitants of the building, bricked them behind walls, and then filled the walls with cement. Each entombed victim went unnoticed, until a little girl went misng, and her dog managed to lead search parties to the wall she had suffocated in.

**As a debar, I couldn't quite figure out, would you drown in cement, merely suffocate, or be crushed when it eventually set up?**

Google couldn't give me a solid answer on that one.


Sam is horrified, Jimmy is thrilled to have a friend.

You are quickly introduced to the other 2 redents, an old man who is devastated the building is being demolished, and an old lady who doesn't know where she is half the time anyway.

Luckily the movie gives you no chance to give a shit about either of them, so you give them very little thought. Finally you are introduced to Jimmy's mother Mary, the caretaker.I have to give props where props are due, Mary is played by Deborah Kara Unger, an actress I'd never seen before, but managed to have a frightening presence, even when she was being nice.

If they ever make a full on Friday the 13th remake, she needs to be Pamela Voorhees.

She was scary as hell.

I'm thinking of starting a petition.

From there you learn about the architect of the building, and how he was more than just a

little batshit crazy, and beyond superstitious.

He believed every building needed a soul and was a huge fan of the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

As the movie progresses, it becomes clear Jimmy and his mother know just a little too much about the atrocities. As you scream at Sam to leave, call the police, call her boyfriend, CALL A CAB, the secrets begin pouring out of the walls.


Honestly , one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile.

If this was a part of Mischa's comeback, it was an epic fail. I am only including the trailer below so you can catch a glimpse of Deborah Kara Unger, as Mary.
BloodAndRibbons Monday 5/02/2011 at 01:13 AM | 75346
Let me be the first to welcome you aboard. With that said, I must admit, I love reading your horror reviews. Your a nice addition to the forums here, hopefully you stick around. Oh yeah, your right that movie did suck shit.
Anonymous Monday 5/02/2011 at 01:49 AM | 75350
Thank you!

I totally love it here. Ranting about horror movies is my favorite past time.

It will be awhile before you guys get rid of me.
BloodAndRibbons Monday 5/02/2011 at 02:50 AM | 75361